Fantastic Vision EP - Rough Cut

by Fantastic Vision



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released May 16, 2013

nate g - vox/guitar/piano
nick g - b guitar
dilly d on the skins




Fantastic Vision Greensboro, North Carolina

"I tell you there is a wind that blows .... And I hear in the air something that is like the beating of wings, like the beating of vast wings. Do you not hear it?"

true rock from Greensboro, NC

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Track Name: Fantastic Vision Theme - Rough Cut
and i can't be silver-straight till the frozen ice comes down
and i can't believe the weight of my chest when you're around
and i'll make it to see the eyes
and i'll take the light from your eyes in to mine
then i hear the sound of wings
inside the clouds, disturbing moon casts shadows in my dream
longer nights, shorter days, so many ways could take you just as far
and the questions that you raise
remind me of a certain vision
Track Name: New Dream - Rough Cut
whoever wanted to has seen you
but loves will come for everyone and i know you've had a few
and they laughed cause i believed you
but love's defined on every page and i know you've seen it to

cause you ask if i'd come down

every night i have a new dream that you could love me
saying that your mine tell me all the time
it isn't like i've never been told that it's above me
greatest of your life babe if you're the type

i never wanted it to be you
but love can come in the instant that it would never do
and so the more i run the more i need you
and love can find no peace of mind cause you still needed to

ask if i'd come come down
you don't wanna see me no
or you'd ask if i'm around
i'm not sleeping now at all

saying that your mine tell me all the time
greatest of your life babe if you're the type

you put up a fight but baby its alright
show me what it's like even for the night
take me by the hand tell me I'm your man
is it just as good or do you think it could
saying that your mine tell me all the time
greatest of your life babe if you're the type
Track Name: Heaven Remind Me - Rough Cut
you broke my heart i'm never gonna stop thinking of your name
i broke apart i was broke before and now i'm just the same

i turn my self to the sky
and I ask whats left but I know

could heaven remind me
only heaven reminds me

i lost my pride everything has got me feeling so ashamed
i lost my sight everyone has got me turning looks away

but i cant look away from you
i can't look away from what we had
Track Name: Fifty Times the Height - Rough Cut
it's nice to see all the songs i sing still gut you like a knife
if we could be only hardly they said that you would bite
you don't look the same but you're a baby aren't you
just let me meet the need i try to settle by believing
that there's never any more to your arresting heart

it's right that you're going now it seems like all we do is fight
it wouldn't have made a difference if i'd said that you were right
there's always a way but you're just crazy aren't you
show me what you're seeing when you you're so sure
that it's me that's freely walking out the door with your arresting heart
and be off

if i could decide to lift this shade and light comes
i'd follow your name there cause i know you're the right one
if had survived the first week but no i'm all done
you put out a spike where it tempts me to fall on

i'd like to be only half as wide and fifty times the height
increasingly full responses in a world of no respite
you started to spit but you're a lady aren't you
you'd be a good fit but you're operating aren't you
i'm finally getting so frustrated aren't you
just listen to the breeze and the repeating of the sea
and take a final moment for your poor arresting heart
and be off
Track Name: French I - Rough Cut
stay up with me and
you will find it's only hints of time that use the day up
stay up and see when
you could finally look around and say 'there's no one'

its so easy to sing it to you, to give it all to

but i don't wanna die without asking for the same from you
it puts me on the rise
you push me like a child but you don't have a single clue
which puts me on the rise

way up past midnight
you will try to know me then but i put the display up
way up near daylight
you might even hold me down before you're all done

its so easy to sing it to you, to give it all to

i might be with love's good fortune
it's fleeting in the night
i can see not going on when
it puts me on the rise
Track Name: Fantastic Vision Credits - Rough Cut
its the mist that makes me see
barely hinted at belief
and i can throw you the rose and hope it arrives
its the light of burning trees
you wear the perfume from my dream
and what does it invite oh i can't decide
i blot your vision it seems, would you have me step aside?
i could show you where there's an painted stair
and you never cease to rise
i would take you there but you just don't care
so i step back inside and open my eyes