by Fantastic Vision



single recorded dec 2013


released January 14, 2014





Fantastic Vision Greensboro, North Carolina

"I tell you there is a wind that blows .... And I hear in the air something that is like the beating of wings, like the beating of vast wings. Do you not hear it?"

true rock from Greensboro, NC

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Track Name: nightmares
especially when they liked you
especially when we're on our way
expect no others like you
expect us to be gone to stay

oh to have left them singing I can't be undone
oh the loads of shattered glassy stares that I will bear

all my deep dark are rotted away to be
just a memory, keep it here with me

especially all the time girl
especially to go all the way
expect no other night girl
expect us to be gone all day

but I can't be angry now in better days uhuh
I can't be sorry for my savage ways uhuh
I can't believe I acted for their sake uhuh
but now I'm so much better anyway
Track Name: return
you call me at least 3 times a week
but I've got no time to see you tonight
I can't help whatever you're friend said
and I don't think this will make it alright

you've been seeing things turn all the darker shades of the heart
you could even tell that you're in love with me and I'm not

you wanna talk with everyone you meet
but I've got time to see if it's right
I can't help it the vision bids me
to keep opened up and staying sharp